Bientôt un nouveau Philip Pullman


Philip Pullman écrit un nouveau livre dans l'univers de sa trilogie. Il s'intitule The Book of Dust et devrait sortir en anglais en 2009.

Voici ce qu'il en dit :

"It's a separate story that takes place some time before Lyra was born involving the two characters Lee Scoresby, the balloonist, and Iorek Byrnison, the armoured bear.

"You will be able to read about their history and how they first met. You see when we meet them in Northern Lights they have known each other for years and fought in various campaigns together.

"It's a bit longer than Lyra's Oxford, the other companion book for the Dark Materials trilogy, which is about 8,000 words. This story is about 20,000 words.

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