Ciné : Une interview de John Carpenter sur The Ward


Une interview de John Carpenter est à lire en [ur=]anglais ici[/url] à propos de The Ward.

What can audiences expect from The Ward?

JOHN CARPENTER: It’s a psychological thriller, in a way. It closely resembles a ghost story and a horror film. Amber Heard plays a young runaway who we discover, early in the film, setting fire to an old farmhouse. She’s taken to a mental institution and has no idea why she’s there, and the movie revolves around that question.

Why has there been such a long break for you, between directing features, and what was it that made this the story that you wanted to return to filmmaking to tell?

JOHN CARPENTER: Years ago, in 2001, I was just completely burned out on the business of directing. I had to stop. I had to relax and get away from it. I made a pledge to myself that when I stopped loving cinema and loving the job, I wouldn’t do it anymore, and I didn’t love it then. Mick Garris, who is a friend of mine, organized this Masters of Horror TV series for Showtime. I shot a couple of those and I really enjoyed myself. It was fun getting back. They were small-budget, very quick, hour-long stories, but I realized, “Oh, this is fun again.” So, The Ward came along and it fit all of my requirements. It wasn’t a big budget, it wasn’t effects driven, it was character driven and I had a chance to work with really talented actors and actresses, so I took it.

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