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Le site de Tor publie une interview de Tim Burton à propos du film Numéro 9.

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"Mike Sargent: What attracted you to Shane Acker’s original short “9”?
Tim Burton: You don’t see a lot of personalized animated films. That’s what I liked about 9, it didn’t fit into a category, per se, it had a certain poetry, a certain emotion to it which I found unique. Not that other animated films don’t, but not in quite the same way this one does. When I was an animator back at Disney it was the Dark Ages of animation, not many films were being done, now every type of animation is being done…a couple of years ago, cell animation was proclaimed dead again, and now they’re making a few more that I’ve heard about. If you’re an animator, it’s a great time, there are a lot more tools, and it’s become a lot more accepted as a medium. And there’s still room to grow.

We’ve seen lots of films with post-apocalyptic imagery; it’s a genre in and of itself. But even with that, and this being a very simple story, there is a kind of a weird spiritual poetry and humanity to it. There is a message, but it’s more about how you put your own feelings into it. There’s a quiet mystery to 9 which I really, really like. Ultimately it’s a very positive film, even though it deals with some dark imagery"
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