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Le roman d'Alastair Reynolds "The Prefect" est finaliste cette année du British Science Fiction Award.

Il en a dit un peu plus sur son livre ici
the book combines the tropes of SF and crime fiction.

"As an avid reader of crime novels and a fan of TV shows such as 24, I liked the idea of doing a kind of police procedural story," Reynolds said in an interview. "Along the way I couldn't avoid straying into areas related to security and civil liberty--big issues right now."

The Prefect is a thriller about the Glitter Band, a halo of 10,000 space habitats orbiting a planet in another solar system in the early decades of the 25th century.

"A handful of habitats drop offline unexpectedly, severed from the instantaneous mass-democracy system which binds the rest of the Band," Reynolds said. "As the Prefects investigate--they're the effective police force, although there are only a thousand of them--the crisis escalates until it threatens the entire society. The story then becomes a race against time to save the Glitter Band from at least one, and possibly two, hostile artificial intelligences." .

Alastair Reynolds vient également de terminer House of Suns, un roman qui se passe dans 6 millions d'années.

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