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Deux interviews en anglais sont dispos de Cory Doctorow à propos de son dernier roman Little Brother.

Dans la première, il en profite opur parler des DRM.

That brings up a couple of interesting points, especially since eMusic's audiobooks can be downloaded by anyone and in any format, and you are actively against any sort of digital rights management protection and advocate total dissemination of data and making things free. Yet on the other hand, as Little Brother makes clear, you advocate a sense of privacy. So what's the Venn Diagram between privacy, security and copyright?

Cory Doctorow :It comes down to whether computers control us or we control computers. The core concept of DRM is that copyright is set, and instead of the owner of the device setting terms, a remote party gets to overrule owner of the device. It's also the core of a Frankensteinian nightmare. I'm a science fiction writer, and I go to see science fiction movies in part because I'm terribly jealous at how much money they make [laughs]. But one common flaw that recurs in the movies I see is embodied by the scene where the people in the spaceship accidentally press a button with a young lady's voice counting down the time until the explosion. And I always think: wouldn't it be a better design if one of the default operational modes was for the spaceship to explode if some other user handled it?

Every time I find computer with remote spying on user, gather control on user, I don't think of all the things most people worry about, like superiority against identify theft and privacy rupture, but "wouldn't it be a better computer if there are no operational modes to allow remotes to control them." Even pacemakers are subject to DNS attacks! As the mentality of technology design to overrule owners becomes more widespread, the danger to fundamental liberty becomes more widespread.

La seconde est audio.

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