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George R.R.Martin est en interview sur le site sffworld. Il évoque notamment sont ancien job de scénariste télé :

You spent a bit of time in the 80's and early 90's writing for television. What are the differences between writing novels and writing for TV?

Writing for television and film is a collaborative process. You have to please a lot more masters. There's a studio involved, a network involved, directors and actors. There are other writers sometimes if you're on the staff of a television show, and they all have their opinions of what you're doing. Collaboration by nature is a series of compromises, either you compromise or you have some sort of power struggle. You can get some great work if you have a good partnership there and people kind of feeding off each other, but a lot of times you don't have that. You have people who are kind of fighting with each other about the creative direction or something or you wind up with a compromise watering something down. It can be frustrating. Prose was my first love and I'm glad that I'm back to it. There's an excitement working in television or film, and I may get back into it someday, but I don't miss it all that much I must say. I like being able to do my stuff without having to worry about what the network or the studio is going to think about it

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