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Guy Gavriel Kay est en interview dans le dernier Locus Mag. Des extraits sont dispos sur leur site. Il revient notamment sur Ysabel.

“In some ways, Ysabel is a departure from what I've been doing, and in some ways it's not. I'm still fascinated by the same things I've been fascinated by for 15 or 20 years: working with history, examining the ways in which the past doesn't go away from us and impacts on what we do, how we need to acknowledge and confront what went before in order to know where we're going. But because it's contemporary it's a departure, and the publishers made the decision to play up that fact so no one would buy the new book expecting that this time Kay will do Aztecs of the Indian subcontinent, or whatever. That was a conscious marketing thing, and I think it worked because there's next to no indicator that people here or in Canada have been buying the book without some awareness that it will be different. When you're a moving target, there's no way to assume that the readers will want to move with you, but the one thing you can make sure of is that they aren't bemused by the change.”
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