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On avait évoqué il y a quelques semaines le nouveau roman de Jamil Nasir The Houses of Time.

Il en a dit un peu plus dans une interview

"The novel follows David Grant, a successful lawyer and playboy, who realizes one day that he has reached middle age and starts wondering if there is any more to life than what meets the eye. "Almost at random, he takes a correspondence course in lucid dreaming," Nasir said. "In these dreams, he falls in love with a beautiful girl. A few months later he meets what seems to be the very same girl when he is wide awake."

Grant falls head over heels for her, but their romance turns out to be a little strange. "She never tells him where she lives; she makes him play a weird and painful video game that she has invented; she takes him to meet her wealthy mother, who asks him a series of very odd questions; finally, she persuades him to get a particular brain 'treatment'--and then disappears," Nasir said. "He searches desperately for her while bizarre mental symptoms appear in both his waking and sleeping life. When he finally finds her, he discovers that what she really wants from him is far beyond anything he could have imagined.""
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