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Jeffrey Ford (La Fille dans le verre) a publié il y a peu The Shadow Year. Il est en ionterview dans le magazine anglais Locus. Voici un extrait.

“The Girl in the Glass was actually written because I couldn't finish The Shadow Year. A lot of The Shadow Year is based on my life -- it's very personal. I started writing it and then I got stuck. It wasn't anything too traumatic, but I wanted to really get down what had happened. I said 'I can't write this now,' so I switched and wrote Girl in the Glass.

“The first time I finished The Shadow Year, it was too subtle. Nobody could figure out what the hell was going on. Then, with a lot of encouragement from my editor Jennifer Brehl, I went back to it. She said, 'Here's the secret: it's fiction. Make it a story.' So when I went back I kept that in mind, and that allowed me to finish it. Before that it was really kind of a memoir (god forbid). It's based on the novella 'Botch Town'. Many of my stories are ideas I couldn't sell for novels, but this thing was kind of a fluke. In the book, the original novella is changed quite a bit, but the basics are the same.”

Toute l'interview est ici.
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