Des news de Laurell K. Hamilton


Laurell K. Hamilton continue de travailler sur son cycle d'Anita Blake.

Elle vient de répondre à quelques questions notamment sur la sexualité dans ces romans.

Petit extrait :

"CD: Sexuality plays a very important role in your novels; so much so that your books are sometimes categorized as erotica. Why do you think horror and erotica go so well together?
LKH: I’m not sure horror and erotica do go well together. Before my books popularized the concept of good sex in horror, most of the sex in horror was punishing sex. What I mean by that is that if you had sex in a slasher flick, you died. The virgin survived. Very often in a horror movie somewhere in the middle of sex something horrible would happen, like the
lover changing into a monster, or the idea that the lust changed them into something horrible. If you did manage to have good sex, there would still be terrible consequences later. Sex was punished severely in the horror genre. Violence was okay, but not sex. I just didn’t understand that, so I decided if I was going to write about sex that it would be good sex and that it would be about love, compassion, and that the sex wouldn’t be about punishment. I mean the Puritans are dead, and the Victorians, can’t we let them stay in their graves and carve out a new sexual identity for ourselves? Now, there is this tremendous numbers of books that are sometimes called horror, erotic, or even paranormal romance, but when I first started the Anita series I was the lone voice crying in the wilderness. Now so many people have jumped on my band wagon that everyone forgets how new a concept it was to have sex and horror as a friendly mix instead of a deadly one."

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