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Matthew Woodring Stover (Les héros meurent aussi ou Aube de Fer) est un auteur un peu oublier chez nous. Aux Etats Unis, ce n'est pas le cas.
Il est interviewé ici

Son dernier roman est sortit en octobre et s'appelle Caine Black Knife. Voici ce qu"il en dit :

"Jay Tomio - Your latest novel is Caine Black Knife, where again you deviate a bit in narrative. How was this written? Both parts separately or was it written in a similar manner in how it reads? Did the recollection or current storyline ever change the origin story?

Matthew Stover - Each scene of both narratives was written individually; in the process of turning all these separate scenes into a novel, there was considerable trimming of rough edges and spackling over of cracks. I spent a lot of time playing with different narrative strategies; at one point I had the story organized with all of Retreat from the Boedecken as the first half of the book, and Caine’s narrative of his return as the second (and the other way ’round). I also played with glopping scenes into novella-sized chunks, and even worked with alternating the twin stories literally scene for scene. I ended up with the published version largely because of the thematic resonances between the two timelines; I felt this was the best way to show how the two narratives complement and comment upon each other.

And no, the Consequences story never changed the events of the Origin story, to the best of my recollection; I knew what Caine had done—and what had been done to him—before I began. The major effect of the Consequences narrative was to influence, to some extent, which scenes of the Origin story actually end up presented to the reader—it determined which pieces of the Origin were pertinent."
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