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Michael Swanwick (Jack Faust, Stations des profondeurs, Les fleurs du vide) parle de ses nouveaux projets dans une interview online.

Voici ce qu'il dit :

Aberrant Dreams: What's next?
Michael Swanwick: A Darger and Surplus novel. D & S are Postutopian con men and gentlemen rogues who in their first adventure together (recorded in "The Dog Said Bow-Wow") accidentally set fire to London. The lads are infinitely distractible. In the two or three stories since, they've established a pattern of setting out for some destination at the end of one tale and popping up someplace else entirely at the beginning of the next. Always, they're headed for Moscow, where they hope to make their fortune. I figured that if ever they reached Russia, that epic event would require an entire book to itself. So, when I finished The Dragons of Babel and cast about for the best thing I could be working on, the idea presented itself.

Because I'd only been in Moscow for a total of four hours in my entire life, I went back there for two weeks as research. Which really is no time at all. But all the old Russia hands say that if you must write your book fast, while you still think you know something, or else you'll put it off for twenty years.

I've written the first chapter already, and my wife and son assure me that it is worthy of its protagonists. So I am hopeful that it will turn out well.
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