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Simon R. Green évoque ce matin son dernier roman The Unnatural Inquirer. C'est le huitième tome de Nightside series.

Voici ce que le site Sci Fi Wire en dit :

"It was inspired by a news story he read of a man who claimed to have received a transmission from the future on his television and sold VHS copies of it on eBay.

"Word is, if you bought a copy all you got was a view of some guy in a futuristic outfit baring his backside to the camera and giggling a lot," Green said in an interview. "Technology is wasted on some people. But it got me thinking about other kinds of rogue broadcasts, and I was off and running."

The book takes place in the Nightside, the sick, secret magical heart of London, where all the really wild things live. "You can find anything there, if it doesn't find you first," Green said. "Forbidden knowledge, appalling pleasures and more monsters than you can shake a really big stick at. And a few good people, doing what they can."
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