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Tanith Lee sort ces jours-ci n nouveau livre : Indigara. Il s'agit d'un ouvrage pour les enfants.

voici la description du livre :
"Jet and her robot dog, Otis, have been taken with Jet’s two sisters— one of whom has a role in the latest Super-Movie—to their planet’s film capital, Ollywood. Jet and Otis are soon catapulted into the unplumbed underworld that lurks below the studios and lots. Here lies the beautiful and sinister otherwhere of Indigara, which has spontaneously generated from the sets, costumes, models, and actual celluloid of rejected pilot fantasy and SF movies that never got made into series. Even while girl and dog try to survive the dangers and terrors below, their Indigaran mirror images have replaced them, and are running amok in the real world above…"

Tanith Lee qui vient ou qui va publier des nouvelles dans H.P.Lovecraft Magazine, Weird Tales et Asimov's.

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