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Le retour de Thomas M. Disch. Ce n'est pas un nouveau roman de l'auteur de Camp Concentration, mais une novella en anglais d'une centaine de pages qui sort sous la forme d'un petit bouquin : The Voyage of the Proteus: An Eyewitness Account of the End of the World.

Voici le résumé : "

Not since the Odyssey by the Greek poet Homer has there been such a rousing adventure on the high seas, not since the celebrated comic book 300 such noble torsoes and dashing deeds, not since Scarlet O'Hara such an intrepid heroine as the Trojan princess and pythoness Cassandra. Abducted from her ravaged homeland by the cruel warlord Agamemnon, Cassandra needs all her beauty and guile to survive the perils of the Aegean Sea, but she is able to do so with the help of a modern-day Ulysses--the Author Himself, an aged writer transported back into an Age of Pagan Rites!"

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