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Allez avouez-le, vous aviez oublié David Farland hein ? Pocket a publié entre 2000 et 2002 son cycle de fantasy : Les Seigneurs des Runes.

eh bien il vient de signer un nouveau tome dans la série : Worldbinder. C'est le dernier roman de la série.

Voici ce qu'il en dit :

Worldbinder, is about the young wizard Fallion Orden, who learns that eons ago there was one true and perfect world where all mankind lived in harmony.

"But an evil creature sought to wrest control of that world from mankind, and in doing so broke the Runes of Creation, splintering the world into millions upon millions of shadow worlds, each an imperfect replica of that one true world," Farland said in an interview. "Now, Fallion Orden casts a spell to bind two of those worlds together—his own world with one that is unknown—only to discover that his spell wreaks havoc and thrusts him into the hands of the enemy that he has long sought to escape."

Worldbinder is the latest in Farland's popular Runelords series, which he began writing 10 years ago. "I had decided that it was finally the time in my life to write that big fantasy novel that I'd always been wanting to create, and so I began to consider magic systems—researching every magic system ever used in the past," Farland said. "I was in Scotland, riding with a friend past Loch Innisfree, when the idea for the Runelords magic system struck me."

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