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John Barnes (La mère des tempêtes, Le Vin des dieux, Passerelles pour l'infini...) parle de ses projets lors d'une interview sur le net :

HSF: What are you working on right now?
JB: Right this moment, doing a major book doctoring project, helping get the "almost" out of "almost-publishable" for a new writer. Per hour I do a lot better helping to finish other people's books than I do writing my own; probably just more evidence that I have a lot more craft than I do things to say these days. I'm also finishing up EENIE MEANIE MINEY MOE, which is a YA space adventure -- Sharyn November, my editor, refers to it as "Losers in Space," and it's basically THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON on a disabled Earth-Mars cycler. I'm also proposing books under pseudonyms in several genres that I like to read but haven't written in, and perhaps something will come of that. In SF, after the book for Sharyn, probably A FAR CRY, which will be the last Giraut book, and THE KNIGHT WHO, which is the first book of the tricycle of which ONE FOR THE MORNING GLORY is the middle book. And that gets me to somewhere in 2009, at which time, according to the books I read when I was a kid, my Sears Personal JetPack should arrive for Christmas, and I'll just fly over to the moving sidewalk and catch the saucer for somewhere else.

Le reste de l'interview est ici :
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