Des nouvelles de John Marco


John Marco est un auteur de fantasy que l'on connaît en France pour son cycle Des tyrans et des rois (Bragelonne et Pocket).

Parmi les projets évoqués dans une interview mise en ligne ce matin, il évoque The Black Mirror, un roman qui relèvera également de la fantasy

"What about your other project, The Black Mirror? You mentioned that your editor has said the manuscript needs some substantial re-writing?
The Black Mirror is one of those sprawling, really epic fantasy stories with lots of different characters and settings, battles, politics—all the things I love about epic fantasy. I turned it in to my editor and DAW about a year ago, where it took a while for her to read it. After she did she felt that the story had problems and needed work. In some places she feels it’s not fleshed out enough, and in other spots it feels too long, apparently. I haven’t gotten a formal editorial letter about it yet, or even had a real conversation about it with her, so I don’t know exactly what the perceived problems are. I say perceived because I still feel very strongly about the book that I wrote. In fact, I love it. I’m not saying it doesn’t need work, because all manuscripts do, but I think there’s an excellent story in those pages that readers will enjoy, and I’m going to keep pushing it along. One way or another, readers will get a chance to read it, I’m sure."

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