Des nouvelles de John Varley


John Varley vient de sortir un nouveau roman en anglais : Rolling Thunder.

Voici la description qu'il en donne dans une nouvelle interview en ligne (en plus de cette interview ci)

"Pitch your latest novel OR the first novel of your series.
>Rolling Thunder is the third in a series that began with Red Thunder and continued with Red Lightning. It will conclude with Dark Lightning. It is the saga of the Strickland-Garcia-Redmond clan, who meet up with a disgraced NASA pilot and his disabled-genius cousin, who has invented a new method of propulsion that revolutionizes space travel, and power generation of all kinds. They build a spaceship out of spare parts and fly it to Mars and back. The second book is the story of the second generation, Ray Garcia, and his experiences after a starship collides with the Earth while moving at nearly the speed of light, causing a tsunami that devastates the Eastern United States, and the resulting war between Earth and Mars. Rolling Thunder is the story of the third generation, granddaughter Podkayne, who travels to Jupiter’s moon Europa and witnesses the birth of something strange and frightening there, which may have dire consequences for humanity."
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