Des nouvelles de Lucius Shepard


Lors d'une interview en anglais, Lucius Shepard a évoqué ses nouveaux projets. Petit extyrat

“One of the projects I've got going now is a vampire book that may have no vampires in it. This family moved to the South Carolina in the 1600s and then, when the Civil War came along, their patriarch floated the story that they were vampires to keep the Union troops away from their land. He seeded rumors of vampires and evidence of their ill-doing and so forth, and managed to keep the property intact. Now it's become this game -- they've gone to incredible pains to effect this camouflage and created a complex vampire mythos. The story is told from the viewpoint of a guy who's marrying into the family, the first person in many years to do so.

Le reste de l'interview est là.
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