Des nouvelles de Nancy Kress


Nancy Kress vient de publier Dogs en anglais. Il est en interview sur le net. Je vous mets deux de ses réponses. D'abord sur Dogs, ensuite sur ses projets.

1) What was your inspiration for writing DOGS?
I’m fascinated by the way viruses and bacteria, including pathogens, can both mutate naturally and be genetically engineered. I’ve read everything I can find, for instance, on the outbreaks of Ebola in Congo and Sudan. Genetically engineered pathogens turn up in my books OATHS AND MIRACLES and STINGER. In fiction, the pathogens are usually transmitted by humans. But, I mused, it doesn’t have to be that way …and just about that time I happened to get a dog.

7) What are you writing now?
Another novella. That’s my favorite length. It’s long enough to create a world, but short enough that the plot can shoot along like a bullet, without subplots to slow it down. Three of my four Nebulas have been for novellas or novelettes.

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