Des nouvelles de Richard Morgan


Le nouveau roman de Richard Morgan (Anges déchus, Furies Déchaînées)
s'appelle "The Steel Remains".

Il en dit quelques mots dans une interview à "yourmomsbasement"
"RBN: Let's talk a little bit about the actual first book in the series, "The Steel Remains". If you can, give us the lay of the land for this new world you've created...
RM: Right. The genre shorthand for this, I guess, is to imagine a fourth volume to The Lord of the Rings – the war is over, the land is devastated from end to end, the harvests rot in the fields because all the people who should be farming the land are dead or crippled in one way or another, surviving populations starve and whole economies are on the floor; roving bands of orcs and other renegades are still a problem, though most are now interned in concentration camps or simply murdered and shoveled into mass graves; Gondor and Rohan have gone back to squabbling over territory now that there’s no-one else to fight; the veterans of Pelennor Fields and the Gates of Mordor are home but fucked up, drug addicted, homeless and living rough, can’t or won’t fit in; in other words, a total fucking mess. Of course, The Steel Remains is a social and geographical (and sorcerous) landscape all my own, it doesn’t really resemble anything Tolkeinesque, but that sketch I’ve just given you captures the spirit of what I’m trying to do; I don’t like war, I don’t like the overly romantic perspective fantasy often gives to violent conflict, and while violent combat itself may be sickly exhilarating and intense, I’m not going to pretend, whatever genre I’m writing in, that war is a cool or noble or beautiful thing. So rather than charting the war itself, its glorious victories et tedious cetera, we skip all of that and start with the aftermath, the stuff that no-one ever likes to talk or think about, the stuff that’s never commemorated in speeches or monuments or epic poetry."

Toute l'interview est ici

A noter que les éditions Bragelonne publieront Black Man de Richard Morgan en Octobre.

En voici un petit résumé en anglais
One hundred years from now, and against all the odds, Earth has found a new stability; the political order has reached some sort of balance, and the new colony on Mars is growing. But the fraught years of the 21st century have left an uneasy legacy ... Genetically engineered alpha males, designed to fight the century's wars have no wars to fight and are surplus to requirements. And a man bred and designed to fight is a dangerous man to have around in peacetime. Many of them have left for Mars but now one has come back and killed everyone else on the shuttle he returned in. Only one man, a genengineered ex-soldier himself, can hunt him down and so begins a frenetic man-hunt and a battle survival. And a search for the truth about what was really done with the world's last soldiers. BLACK MAN is an unstoppable SF thriller but it is also a novel about predjudice, about the ramifications of playing with our genetic blue-print. It is about our capacity for violence but more worrying, our capacity for deceit and corruption. This is another landmark of modern SF from one of its most exciting and commerc
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