Des nouvelles de Stephen Baxter


Je ne crois pas l'avoir déjà annoncé mais Stephen Baxter sort le mois prochain en anglais Weaver, le quatrième tome de sa série Time's Tapestry.

Je vous mets la couv et le résumé.

Product Description
It is a war that has been fought throughout the centuries—with the fate of Rome to Christendom to modern America at stake. Now, during World War II, Germany launches a successful invasion of England. But in secret they are waging a war on an even larger scale. Trapped in the middle of it is Mary Wooler, an American historian caught in the Blitz and tangled up in strands of history; her son Gary, fighting a ruthless invader at civilization’s frontier; and Ben Kaman, a Jewish refugee whose very dreams place him at the heart of a conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of the tapestry of time.

En français, on pourra lire en septembre Gravité, le tome 1 du Cycle des Xeelee aux éditions du Bélial.
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