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Alors qu'il a 60 ans aujourd'hui, le magazine Locus a mis en ligne des extraits d'une interview avec lui.

Il dit qu'il travaille en ce moment sur Nation, un roman qui ne fait pas partie du Disque-Monde ! Il doit sortir en septembre prochain en anglais.

voici l'extrait :

Currently I'm working on Nation, which is a non-Discworld book for kids. I cannot write the next Discworld book while this one is in my head. I've got the Johnny Maxwell toolbox and I've got the Discworld toolbox. With Ankh-Morpork, it's like every tool being worn to your hand -- I know how the world is constructed. This one needs a different toolbox, and I have to manufacture the tools as I go along. It's set on an alternate Earth with minor differences which are not of particularly great importance, but it enabled me to do some things....

“The story kind of started when I heard a choir singing 'For Those in Peril on the Sea'. There is another verse 'for those in peril in the air,' but quick as a flash, in my head I wrote the extra verse 'for those in peril on the land.' It's made up by a man who is navigating a boat which is caught up in a tsunami. During Krakatoa, a ship was swept three kilometers into a rain forest by the wave.

“I thought that was the start of the book, but in fact the start is somewhere over there, and that bit is something that's going to come later. But that's the idea that kicked it off, and I had this image in my mind for months. It's gotten heavier as it's gone along, but it's got room for humor. It's a children's book, and the nice thing about children's books is it's amazing what you can do with them -- amazing how far you can go.”

toute l'interview est ici

A noter aussi qu'à l'occasion de son anniversaire, la radio BBC 7 propose plusieurs émissions de radio sur son site web. C'est également en anglais. Vous pourrez entendre des lectures des Petits Dieux, du Fabuleux Maurice et ses rongeurs savants, Mortimer et Les camionneurs.

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