Des nouvelles de Tom Holt


On connaît Tom Holt en France essentiellement pour les livres traduits chez Bragelonne (J'vous imaginais pas comme ça et Qui a peur de Beowulf ?).

Il vient de sortir un nouveau titre en Angleterre : The Better Mousetrap

Il en parle ici

Voici le début :
Suppose, just suppose, you actually could travel faster than light -

There would be problems, of course. For one thing, you wouldn’t be able to see where you’re going, which means you’d run an unacceptably high risk of bumping into something solid, like an asteroid, or unpleasantly warm, like a star. For another, you’d arrive before you left, with the inevitable result that, no matter how meticulous you might be about planning your journey, you’d always arrive at your destination to find that you’d left the tickets or the hotel reservations at home. And, of course, there’d be all the aggravation with your luggage. It’s bad enough travelling sublight and finding that your spongebag and nightwear have wound up on a different tectonic plate. Factor in a fourth dimension, and the possibilities are as infinite as the multiverse itself.

But just suppose. Time travel; piece of cake. When do you want to go today?

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