Des textes gratuits de Walter Jon Williams


La nouvelle The Green Leopard Plague de Walter Jon Williams est à télécharger ici

Et sinon, il y a un extrait de son nouveau roman de science-fiction Implied Spaces: à télécharger ici.

D'ailleurs il y a un papier sur ce roman ici

Petit extrait :
On the surface, the story concerns Aristide, a wanderer, who discovers a plot that is a threat to human society, and who then takes action against it,” Williams said. “This action leads to a major, civilization-threatening war, and to further revelation, all with Aristide at the center of the conflict. There is also romance, poetry, martial arts, philosophy, and a talking cat. A little something for everyone.”

Williams wanted to write a story that would allow him to set his lone hero against as vast a background as possible. “A single world wouldn’t do, or even a single universe,” he said. “So the story is about what a single person can do when the multiverse is at stake.”
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