Du nouveau pour Ray Bradbury


Ray Bradbury ressort de ses tiroirs ce qu'il considère comme son deuxième roman. Il s'ag it de Masks. Il paraîtra début octobre en anglais.

Voici la présentation :

"Long-talked about by Bradbury enthusiasts, MASKS was to be Ray Bradbury's second novel (he considers THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES his first novel). In the late-forties Bradbury applied for a Guggenheim grant and submitted an early version of MASKS. While he didn't get the grant, Bradbury continued to tinker with it until 1952 or 1953. Editor Donn Albright has assembled fragments into a cohesive story so the reader can compare Bradbury's first draft with later thoughts on the proposed novel. There will be no other edition of MASKS.
Besides the MASKS, the book will contain 5 never-before-published stories Bradbury wrote during this period, to be chosen by Donn Albright and Ray Bradbury. Our lettered edition will contain variations on two of the stories."

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