Ian M.Banks parle de la culture


Ian M.Banks parle de la culture dans une interview à CNN. C'st en anglais. Et voici un extrait :

CNN: If there was one element of the Culture that you could give to humanity, what would it be?

Iain M. Banks: Oh crikey. You certainly wouldn't give the very slow ageing and the potential of never dying because that would be disastrous as the moment, and you can be damned sure the rich people would keep that as their own, nobody else would get it.

The drug glands maybe. Not for the trivial reason that you'd be able to get stoned without having to pay for it all the time, but if you had really good drugs that you could just manufacture inside your body just by thinking about it, it would solve all the drug problems: you'd have much better dope than cannabis, much more exciting stuff than crack cocaine, and much more pleasurable stuff than heroin. Maybe that one.

But then, being as we are, we might spend our lives subsequently stoned out of our brains, lying around and watching civilization decay about us. I wouldn't put that past us, frankly. No, actually, I'll go back to blister-free callusing.

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