Impressions de George R. R. Martin sur Game of Thrones


Autour du "Game of Thrones" food truck, George Martin a répondu à quelques questions de HitFix (en anglais dans le texte).

Après quelques questions d'ordre culinaire, Martin, qui a enfin vu les deux premiers épisodes de la série, nous livre ses impressions.

On rappelle que le pilote sera diffusé, sur HBO, le 17 avril prochain.

Extrait :

They're amazing. They're gorgeous. I saw them on a big screen and it looked like a movie. The special effects hold up to giant magnification. The visuals are just gorgeous. The directors really have great eyes. And, of course, I knew that the acting and writing would be first rate. David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] are terrific writers, both of them, and we have a world-class cast, with people like Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, amazing discovery, Kit Harrington, the kids. So I loved it.

It was the scenes from my book, many of the scenes from my book pretty much as a wrote them. Original scenes that have been added because of the change of medium, those were pretty good too. I did occasionally miss a scene. I know the book so well. I said, "Well OK, now this scene is coming... Awww. They left that scene out. Oh, that's too bad." Unless they did a three-hour every week... But I don't think HBO was going to give us that. I think my fans will be overjoyed by this series. I think 95 percent of them will love it. There are always a few who are like, "You left out Tom Bombadil! How could you leave out Tom Bombadil!" So there will be those people. But, for the most part I think it should be very successful.

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