Interview Alex Irvine

Commenter publie une interview en langue anglaise d'Alex Irvine, auteur entre autres de la nouvelle Transformers : exodus. 

En voici un extrait : 
Hey Alex, it’s been a year now since the hardcover release of Transformers: Exodus. I’m got a paperback copy of the book in my hot little hands, and honestly, my first question has got to be this: how on earth did you write a story with the staying power of Transformers: Exodus? 

Hey! I just got copies of the paperback myself, right after I finished the last round of edits on the sequel, Transformers: Exiles. Staying power? We’ll see! I’ve been very happy to see how well the book was received, that’s for sure. What I wanted to do in Exodus was get at the core of how Optimus Prime and Megatron got to be who they are. I wanted Megatron to be more than a Snidely Whiplash kind of villain, and Optimus Prime to be more than the valiant Dudley Do-Right character. And since every writer knows that nobody makes a better arch-enemy than a former friend, that’s the direction I went.

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