Interview Jeff VanderMeer


Le site publie une courte interview en langue anglaise accordée par Jeff VanderMeer à propos de The Steampunk Bible. 

La voici dans son intégralité : 
What can I find in The Steampunk Bible? 
Mecha-elephants, eyeball phonographs, demented German mechanics, rayguns, girl geniuses, Chinese airships, clockwork beetles, and, of course, the true stories behind it all. 

How long did it take to write this monster? 
About 18 months from beginning to end, with my coauthor S.J. Chambers, and including all of the acquisition of images and the discussion of how to place image and text together. 

The Bible has Ten Commandments. Can you give me one commandment of Steampunk? 
Thou Shall Not Be Just One Thing: Never Stop Moving

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