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SF Signal vient de mettre en ligne une interview de l'écrivain américain Lev Grossman, l'auteur des Magiciens. Une séquelle, The Magician King, vient de paraître en langue anglaise. L'occasion pour lui de revenir sur leur genèse, l'univers développé dans ses deux livres, ses sources d'inspiration ou encore son approche de la fantasy. 

Extrait : 

SFS: Let's turn to The Magician King. It surprised me when I read it: How do you approach a story like The Magicians and take the story even further? 

LG: The Magicians was a coming of age story, so in a lot of ways by the end of the book the bigger story was still just beginning. Quentin had finally grown up enough to be a proper hero. He'd come into a sense of his own power. Now it's time for him to figure out what to do with it. 

Also, selfishly, there were a lot of parts of Fillory he hadn't been to yet. I wanted a look at them. I sometimes think C.S. Lewis must have been thinking something like that when he wrote The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Just get everybody onto a magic boat, and see what happens! 

Also I was wondering what had happened to Julia.

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