John C. Wright va faire une suite au cycle du Ā


John C. Wright va faire une suite au cycle du Ā de Van Vogt. Il ledit lors d'une interview en anglais sur le web.

"Q: What's in store for your readers?
JCW: Thanks to the graciousness of the estate of A.E. van Vogt, I have been permitted to write a sequel to his famous books "World of Null-A" and "Players of Null-A". This is an awe-inspiring honor, for these books are simply my favorite books by my favorite author, the book that persuaded me to live my life as I do. My sequel, set in the same background is called "Null-A Continuum". No book I have written has given me such pleasure and such pride to write. "Null-A Continuum" is scheduled for release in March of 2008.

And after that? I am currently at work on my new trilogy "Count to a Trillion".

The plot here concerns a "sleeper" who is preserved by cryonics from era to era as the long history of man unfolds from the near future to the far. His wife departed aboard a nigh-to-lightspeed vessel to the galactic cluster M3 in Canes Venatici, 39000 lightyears hence: her mission is to plead with the titanic slower-than-light collaboration of patient machine-mind supersystems that govern the Orion Arm and most of the Milky Way for the freedom and salvation of the human race.

The race is destined to be enslaved unless we prove ourselves to be mature enough to make plans and carry them out across the time spans necessary for interstellar trade and cooperation. This is not an easy task for biological races, who live and die like mayflies. In order to see his wife again, in order that her mission succeed, our sleeper must wake from time to time to set to rights whole civilizations and their ever-painful, backsliding climb to ever-higher plateaus of progress. If the society, 67000 years hence, does not have a working braking laser of sufficient power to decelerate her ship when she returns to Sol in that immensely distant future, man, if man survives, will fail the test, and the stars will be denied him.

Of course, this outcome is only the first step of what promises to be a larger conflict: because the galaxy-mind of Andromeda, and the Cluster-mind at Ursa Major, not to mention the Supercluster-Minds of Pavo-Indus, Sculptor and Coronoa Borealis, one billion light years away, have an interest in the outcome of these local dramas, not to mention the eerie and anachronistic Ulterior Ones, who exist outside the singularity that forms the boundary of the spacetime continuum formed by our local Big Bang. All this intercedes between the sleeper and his wife long parted from him: he will overcome all the deeps of time, and evolves past all the levels of consciousness and posthumanity, to be reunited with her.

After that, I have contracted to write a book of Christian apologetics. My take on the topic may be novel, at least in a way, since I used to be a card-carrying, vehement, passionate atheist. My plan for the book is to have every other chapter be written by my old self to my new, or my new self to my old, so that a dialog between the theist and the atheist ideas can be played out, without the particular personality of the philosopher (which in this case stays the same) tipping the dialog to one side or the other. The working title for that is "Letters from Tomorrow"."
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