L'interview des nouveaux auteurs de fantasy


Amazon vient de mettre en ligne une interview d'une nouvelle génération d'auteurs de fantasy : Joe Abercrombie, Karen Miller, Brian Ruckley et Brandon Sanderson.

Petit extrait :

Amazon.com: What’s your favorite part of writing heroic fantasy?
Joe Abercrombie: Writing heroic fantasy that’s as un-heroic as possible. Trying to apply my black-hearted view of the world to the classic fantasy scenarios. Trying to use the cliches to blindside readers with the unexpected. That and the big-ass fight scenes, of course. You can’t knock a good swording.

Karen Miller: The research, because I pillage human history in order to create the social backgrounds of the places I'm writing about. There's something unbelievably endearing about reading a letter written on clay tablets four thousand years ago, in which a father chastises his son for going through his allowance so fast...And in which a son complains to his father, "How come you send my brother shoes and you don't send me any? You always liked him better than me!" Humans just don't change.

Brian Ruckley: Probably the fact that it allows you to paint on a big canvas, and tie lots of different elements into a single story. You get to do conspiracies and politics, huge battles and one-on-one sword fights, quiet scenes where characters learn about themselves and their world and dramatic scenes where magical powers are unveiled.

Heroicsanderson_3 Brandon Sanderson: There is so much of this genre that hasn't been explored yet, and it's thrilling to be part of the new wave of fantasy writers. My favorite part of the actual writing would have to be world-building, specifically designing the magic that goes into my books.

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