Le Nobel de Littérature a un goût de SF


Le Prix Nobel de Littérature 2007 a été attribué à Doris Lessing, une auteur qui a fait quelques incursions en SF avec sa série Canopus in Argos qui explorent différentes sociétés à différents stades de développement. Il y a 5 tomes indépendants.
Son dernier roman s'appelle The Cleft et tire plutôt sur le fantastique.

voici le résumé de l'éditeur (HarperCollins)

" In the last years of his life, a contemplative Roman senator embarks on one last epic endeavor: to retell the history of human creation and reveal the little-known story of the Clefts, an ancient community of women living in an Edenic coastal wilderness. The Clefts have neither need nor knowledge of men; childbirth is controlled through the cycles of the moon, and they bear only female children. But with the unheralded birth of a strange new child—a boy—the harmony of their community is suddenly thrown into jeopardy.

In this fascinating and beguiling novel, Lessing confronts the themes that inspired much of her early writing: how men and women manage to live side by side in the world and how the troublesome particulars of gender affect every aspect of our existence. "

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