Le nouveau roman de James Lovegrove


Une autre interview de Lovegrove sur son nouveau livre The Age of Ra avec le petit extrait :

"UKSFBN: It sounds from the synopsis that with The Age of Ra you're once again exploring the weird zone where prose fiction meets comic-book plotlines? Is that the case, or will the novel be more of a straight alternate-history?

James Lovegrove: "Originally George Mann at Solaris asked me to do an alternate-history story for them, and I was only too happy to oblige, especially as I'd already dipped a toe in the water of that genre with Provender Gleed and it's a genre I've always liked.

"I sent Solaris three ideas, and the one they jumped at, which happened to be the one I was most eager to do, was The Age of Ra. It isn't straight alternate history, in as much as I'm not introducing real-world events and figures into it to hold them up for comparison or to make satirical points, à la Moorcock.

"It's more a fantasy-flavoured imagining of how the world might have turned out if (a) gods are real and (b) one of the pantheons decided to turf out all the others and claim the entire earth for itself. One of George's other requests was that the novel be pulp-fiction-ish, or at any rate have pulpy elements, and again I was only too happy to oblige, because lately I've been analysing what it is I like about certain comics and pop-culture movies, things such as the pace, the scene changes and the outlandish characters and plot turns, and wondering how I might be able to synthesise those with my own writing.

"I've been inclining in that direction with my teen fantasy series and it seemed foolish not to try and do the same with my 'serious', 'grown-up' books as well. In other words, The Age of Ra is a foretaste of the direction I see my work going in the next few years: more rompy but still with a serious edge"

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