Les 10 règles du Space Opéra


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1. Have a giant object in space.
2. Set the action in motion by plunging us into the middle of an extremely complicated astropolitical regime change.
3. A scrappy group of humans should be part of a rebellion that's hidden on a cool-looking moon or tricked-out asteroid.
4. There must be an enormous mothership (which must be referred to as a mothership or maybe a base ship), and it must be attacked by a bunch of tiny fighter ships.
5. Always fill your spaceships and intergalactic ports with random background aliens and weird-faced creatures.
6. Your heroes should always revisit the sites of old battles, the locations of terrible accidents, and the regions of space where their people were wiped from the face of the universe. But only if they don't want to.
7. If there is a male bad guy, he should have a ripped body or amazing weapons.
8. There should be at least three types of weapon and three types of spaceship, each of which will be given a name that is used repeatedly.
9. There should be a captain. If there is not a captain, there should be a special agent. If there is not a special agent, there should be a cadet with a future. If there is no cadet with a future, there should be a mercenary with a dark past.
10. Somebody wise should predict something, but nobody will pay attention or be able to understand the prediction.

Male heroes get laid. Female heroes fall in love in a way that tests their loyalties. Aliens yearn tragically, or develop strange relationships with machines that we laugh at. Don't even think about robots.
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