Les nominés de l'International Horror Guild


Les nominés de l'International Horror Guild cette sont :


* Grin of the Dark. Ramsey Campbell (PS Publishing)
* Generation Loss. Elizabeth Hand (Small Beer Press)
* The Missing. Sarah Langan (HarperCollns)
* Season of the Witch. Natasha Mostert (Dutton)
* The Terror. Dan Simmons (Little, Brown & Company)


* The Imago Sequence and Other Stories. Laird Barron (Night Shade Books)
* Plots and Misadventures. Stephen Gallagher (Subterranean Press)
* Shadows Kith and Kin. Joe R. Lansdale (Subterranean Press)
* Masques of Satan. Reggie Oliver (Ash Tree Press)
* Dagger Key and Other Stories. Lucius Shepard (PS Publishing)


* Procession of the Black Sloth. Laird Barron (The Imago Sequence: Night Shade Books)
* The Man in the Picture: A Ghost Story. Susan Hill (Profile)
* Softspoken. Lucius Shepard (Night Shade Books)
* The Scalding Rooms. Conrad Williams (PS Publishing)


* "The Janus Tree". Glen Hirshberg (Inferno: Tor)
* "Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed". Steven Duffy (At Ease with the Dead: Ash Tree Press)
* "The Bone Man". Fredric S. Durbin (Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, December 2007)
* "Closet Dreams". Lisa Tuttle (Postscripts 10: PS Publishing)


* "Digging Deep". Ramsey Campbell (Phobic: Comma Press)
* "Honey in the Wound". Nancy Etchemendy (The Restless Dead: Candlewick Press)
* "The Tank". Paul Finch (At Ease with the Dead: Ash Tree Press)
* "Splitfoot". Paul Walther (New Genre 5, Spring 2007)
* "The Great White Bed". Don Webb (Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 2007)


* Inferno. Ellen Datlow, editor (Tor)
* Summer Chills. Stephen Jones, editor (Carroll & Graf)
* American Supernatural Tales. S.T. Joshi, editor (Penguin)
* Strange Tales Volume II. Rosalie Parker, editor (Tartarus Press)
* At Ease with the Dead. Barbara and Christopher Roden, editors (Ash Tree Press)


* Frankenstein: A Cultural History. Susan Tyler Hitchcock (W.W. Norton & Company)
* Mario Bava: All the Colors of Dark. Tim Lucas (Video Watchdog)
* Warnings to the Curious: A Sheaf of Criticism on M.R. James. Rosemary Pardoe & S.T. Joshi, eds. (Hippocampus Press)
* Sides. Peter Straub (CD Publications)
* The Science of Stephen King. Bob Weinberg & Lois M. Gresh (John Wiley)


* Black Static
* Dead Reckonings
* The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
* Postscripts
* Weird Tales


* Scalped: Indian Country. Jason Aaron (writer) R.M. Gu�ra (artist) (Vertigo/DC Comics)
* The Nightmare Factory. Thomas Ligotti (creator/writer), Joe Harris & Stuart Moore (writers), Ben Templesmith, Michael Gaydos, Colleen Doran & Ted McKeever (illustrators) (Fox Atomic/Harper Paperbacks)
* The Blot. Tom Neely (I Will Destroy You)
* The Arrival. Shaun Tan (Arthur A. Levine Books)
* Wormwood Gentleman Corpse: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer. Ben Templesmith (IDW)


* Didier Cottier for Exhibit at Utopiales, Nantes, France, November 2007
* David Ho for his body of work
* Elizabeth McGrath for "The Incurable Disorder", Billy Shire Fine Arts, December 2007
* Chris Mars for "New Salem", Jonathan Levine Gallery, October 2007
* Mike Mignola for cover & illustrations: Baltimore, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire (Bantam Spectra)

Les résultats seront annoncés le 31 octobre prochain.

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