Les projets de David Farland


 A l'occasion de la parution d'une de ses nouvelles dans Lightspeed Magazine, David Farland, l'auteur des Seigneurs des runes, s'est confié sur ses futurs projets : 

I recently completed the screenplay The Runelords, based upon the first novel in my series. I’ve had a lot of very strong interest in it, and I suspect that we’ll get the movie into production this fall. 

I also just completed Nightingale, a young adult contemporary piece that plays with some science fiction tropes that used to intrigue me as a kid—questions like, “I wonder if there could be any near-human species still alive on Earth, coexisting with us, the way that the Neanderthals once lived with our ancestors?” or “What would the next step of evolution be for brain development?” 

Right now, I’m back trying to finish the ninth and last book in the Runelords series. It’s called A Tale of Tales, and I plan on getting it done in the next couple of months. It should be released next year. 

Last of all, I’ve been asked to work with a German company to create a massively multi-user online role-playing game. I’ll be helping to create the world, the races, monsters, character classes, and so on, with the idea of making this a property that will also work for novels. I’ll then be writing a series of books based in the world. So this will be an interesting project because it will let me begin developing a world in conjunction with another company, creating an intellectual property that is primed to move into a couple of mediums at once. This should be a big challenge. 

Beyond that, I’ve go so many novels that I want to write, I don’t know where to start next!
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