Les sources d'inspiration de Joe Abercrombie


Joe Abercrombie (la trilogie de La Première Loi, Heroes), publie un article sur le site Orbitbooks dans lequel il livre ses sources d'inspirations cinématographiques pour écrire une bonne scène de bataille : des Deux Tours, à Conan le Barbare, en passant par Qui veut sauver le soldat Ryan et bien d'autres

As a writer you take your inspiration wherever you can find it – from everything you read, watch, play, experience and particularly like or don’t – and I’ve always found myself as much influenced by film, TV, and computer games as I am by books. In writing The Heroes, then, the fantasy war-story of a single great battle told from various points of view on both sides – and which I’ve occasionally pitched as Lord of the Rings meets A Bridge Too Far – war films, and scenes of battle of all kinds, from the fantastic to the brutally realist, were just as much on my mind as books on the subject. Here are some of my filmic touchstones for summoning up a realistic fantasy battle…

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Priscilla Duran-Mulas
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