Lewis Shiner et son nouveau livre : “Black & White”


Lewis Shiner a publié en anglais son nouveau livre en anglais : “Black & White”.

Il l'évoque dans une interview.

Extrait :
"What drew you toward this story? Hayti’s history in specific? the opportunity to look at race relations in general? Or was the genesis something about the plot itself, which then drew in these larger stories and themes?
Lewis Shiner : There were two components to the book: Hayti and the family stuff. I first heard about Hayti when I moved to North Carolina from Texas in 1996. A friend at work named Pam Footman told me about the history, and my immediate thought was, wow, there’s a novel in this.

I look like a lot my father and very little like my mother. I had a troubled relationship with both my parents, but especially with my mother in her later years. I had a fantasy that I wasn’t really her child, but the product of an affair that my father had had. This was just something I amused myself with, until I saw how it could be the plot engine for the Hayti novel.

I consider myself to be a very political writer, so the aspects of the story that involved racial conflict and government dirty tricks were certainly part of the attraction for me."
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