Lois McMaster Bujold et la saga Vorkosigan


Lois McMaster Bujold est en interview sur le site des éditions Tor.

Elle reviens sur la série Vorkosigan.

Petit extrait :

"Jo: How much did you know about the books you hadn’t written yet?
Lois McMaster Bujold : Rags and snatches, many of which turned out to be incomplete or just plain wrong by the time I arrived somewhere completely else, dumped out unceremoniously at some unexpected destination by the book just completed.

The books first turn up as fragmentary pictures in my head, usually, disconnected scenes that I then have to explain to myself, and eventually the reader. They don’t turn up all at once, of course, or my head would explode; just the opening, and a notion of the direction or ending (sometimes). Finer-grained visions turn up en route, stirred up by the writing itself, which would not come if I just sat down and waited for them. Some of the early discards were quite elaborate scenarios. (For example, the Miles-becomes-emperor one, ending in his assassination… not gonna happen. An early and dreadful romance notion, and so on.) Sometimes it’s just an evocative, free-floating phrase, like, “Miles and Ivan attend the Cetagandan state funeral.” Sometimes a picture sits around in my head for years, nearly forgotten, and suddenly attaches to a work in progress or in embryo. Part of the opening scene of the current work is one of those. Its setting is another.

If I knew how the books were going to end before embarking on them, there would be little reason to write them, after all. Dag says it best, in Passage: “The most important thing about quests, he decided, was not in finding what you went looking for, but in finding what you never could have imagined before you ventured forth.”

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