Neil Gaiman parle de ses audiobooks


Neil Gaiman vient de lancer un label qui proposera des audiobooks. Son nom ? Neil Gaiman Presents. 
Depuis le mois dernier, cinq audiobooks sont disponible à la vente. D'autres suivront, suivant la rapidité à rédiger les contrats avec les agents et les éditeurs. 
Il s'est confié longuement sur ce projet sur le site Salon. Comme il l'explique, le choix des livres s'est surtout fait par rapport à ses goûts personnels, ceux qu'il aimerait voir être disponible en audio. 

Extrait : 

Did you have a concept for the collection as a whole? 

It’s very much being defined by “books I like.” The plus side of Neil Gaiman Presents is that it’s all stuff I like. The downside of Neil Gaiman Presents is that you do not have to like it too. I can’t imagine that anybody completely shares my tastes in anything. I’d love it if people tried new things. 

I love the fact that I’m bringing Jonathan Carroll to wider audience who might not otherwise know his work. I’ve loved Jonathan Carroll’s work for 20-something years. But I don’t expect that everyone who likes Jonathan Carroll’s “Land of Laughs” is also going to like M. John Harrison’s “Light,” a challenging, weird work that in many ways defines what’s most interesting about early 21st-century science fiction. It’s a challenging novel and it’s not about falling in love with characters. 

I imagine there are some books that will never be adapted for audiobook — like Tom Phillips’ “Humument.” But apart from that, I’d like to think there will come a day when pretty much anything that was published in prose or in poetry you can listen to.
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