Parution VO : Dawn to Dusk : Cautionary Travels de Ray Bradbury


Le site annonce la publication au mois d'avril d'un nouveau volume en langue anglaise des oeuvres de Ray Bradbury, intitulé Dawn to Dusk : Cautionary Travels.

En voici le contenu, et la couverture :

Dark Carnival (1955-59) was written with Gene Kelly in mind. It would later be reshaped into the novel Something Wicked this Way Comes (1962) This version is much darker. Catacombs is an integration of two of Ray’s stories, “The Next in Line” (Dark Carnival, 1947) and ”Interval in Sunlight” (Esquire, March 1954).

The unpublished short story “You Must Never Touch the Cage” serves as an interesting bridge between the two screenplays. It was originally planned for the 1955 edition of The October Country, but was emitted prior to publication.

The lettered edition contains facsimiles of fragments and Bradbury sketches the were done in preparation for The Illustrated Man, but never used.

The cover art is a painting by Joe Magnaini. This cover was Bradbury’s introduction to Magnaini’s art and the beginning of five decades of close collaboration and friendship.

Ce volume est proposé en pré-vente, avec possibilité, pour les cent premiers acheteurs, d'en obtenir une copie dédicacée ; la possibilité, également, d'en obtenir une contenant les dessins que l'auteur lui-même a exécuté... Pour plus de détails, c'est ici

Priscilla Duran-Mulas
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