Richard Matheson a encore un roman dans sa manche


Il y a quelques jours, on vous annonçait la parution d'un nouveau roman de Richard Matheson.

Il en a encore un en projet : Generations.

Cet article en parle.

Continuing a burst of productivity that belies his age, Matheson has written another new novel, Generations, based on his family history, and has an e-book, Lyrics, in the works. The author, who has written two songs recorded by Perry Como, notes, “I’ve been writing them since I was 17. There are a load of others. They haven’t [been produced]; that’s why I tried to get them into book form.” Regarding the growing body of work that documents and celebrates his growing body of work (Richard Matheson on Screen, The Twilight and Other Zones, He Is Legend), he modestly concluded, “It’s very nice, very flattering. I mean, I don’t believe a word of it, but…”
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