Robert J. Sawyer et les américains


Robert J. Sawyer, l'auteur de Dernière chance pour l'humanité, Mutations ou Un procès pour les étoiles, est en interview sur le net. Il revient notamment sur sa position par rapport aux Etats Unis lui qui est canadien. Je vous mets l'extrait ci-dessous. toute l'interview est ici

"KP: Unlike most Canadian authors, you’ve never been afraid to make your settings unabashedly Canadian, while recognizing that the American market is critical to your success. Would you like to comment on that?

RJS: When I was starting out, everyone told me it wouldn’t work – that if I wanted an American audience, I’d need to hide the Canadian content in my books. But look at Rollback, which is set entirely in Toronto. One of the key scenes takes place at the CBC Museum, with the main character looking at props from The Friendly Giant and other Canadian programs. That didn’t stop the book from getting starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, from making the American Library Association’s list of the 10 best SF novels of the year, and so on. Telling me not to write about Toronto would be like telling Robert B. Parker not to write about Boston in his Spenser novels; it’s a crazy, uniquely Canadian notion. The world does know about us, and does care about us, and, in science-fictional contexts, we have an important lesson to teach about multiculturalism."
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