Stephen King parle de 11.22.63


 11.22.63, le dernier roman de Stephen King, raconte l'histoire d'un homme qui voyage dans le temps pour empêcher le meurtre de John F. Kennedy. Il doit paraître le 8 novembre prochain aux Etats-Unis. 
Stephen King revient sur l'écriture de ce livre dans une interview donnée pour le blog Books at Tesco. 

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When and why did you decide to write a novel about the Kennedy assassination? 

I tried to write this novel in 1973 when I was teaching high school. At that time it was called Split Track and I wrote fourteen single-spaced pages. Then I stopped. The research was daunting for someone who was working full-time at another job. Also, I understood I wasn’t ready—the scope was too big for me at that time. I put the book aside and thought someday maybe I’d go back to it. 

I’m glad that I didn’t go forward with it then. In 1973 the wound was still too fresh. Now it’s going on half a century since Kennedy was assassinated. I think that’s about long enough. 

I recently saw Robert Redford’s film The Conspirator about the Lincoln assassination. That was a hundred fifty years ago, but it’s still kind of a shock to see the president of the United States assassinated by a lone gunman.
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