The 2007 Gaylactic Spectrum Award


Les vainqueurs des Gaylactic Spectrum Award 2007 ont été dévoilés.

2007 Best Novel Winner
Vellum - Hal Duncan (Del Rey)

2007 Best Short Fiction Winners & Short List
(TIE) In the Quake Zone - David Gerrold (Down These Dark Spaceways - SFBC)
(TIE) Instinct - Joy Parks (The Future Is Queer - Arsenal Pulp)
(TIE) The Language of Moths - Christopher Barzak (Realms of Fantasy)

2007 Best Other Work Winners & Short List
(TIE) The Future Is Queer - anthology - edited by Richard Labonte and Lawrence Schimel (Arsenal Pulp)
(TIE) Torchwood Season 1 - television - by Russell T Davies et al (BBC)
(TIE) V for Vendetta - film - by James McTeigue et al (Warner Bros)
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