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Louise Marley, chanteuse d'opéra mais également auteure de livres de science fiction et fantasy, propose un article autour du thème : "Jouer avec le passé : histoire alternative et fiction historique dans la science fiction et la fantasy." 

Times are changing in the realms of science fiction and fantasy! Science and technology are advancing so quickly that it can be increasingly challenging for authors to speculate convincingly about the future. It's not surprising, in the current climate, that writers of speculative fiction turn to the past for material, and there are some fine examples in the genre. 

Connie Willis, the much-decorated mistress of science fiction, used time travel-a classic device of science fiction dating back to H.G. Wells and even beyond-to explore fourteenth-century Europe in The Doomsday Book, turn-of-the-century England in To Say Nothing of the Dog, and the London Blitz of World War II in Blackout and All Clear. Connie uses history the way I like to do it: not changing historical facts as we understand them, but weaving a fictional plot in and around them. In my recent time-travel novel The Brahms Deception, my intent was to speculate about what might have happened to my characters without changing what we understand actually did happen to them.

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