Un article d'Orson Scott card sur Star Trek et Wolverine


Voici un article (en anglais) d'Orson Scott Card sur Star Trek et Wolverine.

Voici le début :

I'm not a great fan of the Star Trek franchise. When it first came on the air on the late sixties, I was a drama student in college, and even though I read science fiction, I saw little to enjoy about Gene Roddenberry's venture into sci-fi on TV.

The biggest hurdle was the dreadful acting. Only Leonard Nimoy gave consistently good performances; everybody else was often (and some of them always) embarrassingly bad.

Which was not inappropriate, since the scripts were usually awful, too. Roddenberry is given credit for writing about "deep" issues. But as far as I could tell, comparing his stuff to the written science fiction that was coming out at the time, Roddenberry wasn't deep, he was merely obvious.

And the "science" in Star Trek was laughable; for instance, no print sci-fi writer could have gotten away with such howlers as a "warp" drive that steps up numerically, like a quantum speedometer.

Eventually, I did see most of the episodes of the original series; or, I should say, I heard them. Mostly because there was a Star Trek marathon on some cable channel back in the mid-80s, and I had the TV on as I sat in the basement working on programs for a computer book I was writing.

However, because I took time off to sleep now and then, I managed to miss the two reputedly best episodes: "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "The City on the Edge of Forever." (I still haven't seen either one.)

Later, with Star Trek: The Next Generation on TV and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in the theaters, I saw that it was possible to create serviceable -- even good -- science fiction within the Star Trek universe.

Still, I could take it or leave it, even at its best.
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